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Excerpt from the diary of an almost broken heart…..

Here goes her dairy, all open, all loud, nothing but the silent truth that she has kept trapped  in her mind, and somewhere in her dreams between awake and sleep, she has  heard  whispers  of the conversations you were never able to have, words you never said to each other. Here goes what should fill... Continue Reading →

Nobody ain’t a prisoner….

It is very hard for so many people to give up on things they have worked on or been part of for so long, sometimes people decided to accept whatever comes their way solely because they are afraid of what might happen afterwards. For instance, you might be stuck in a job that doesn’t make... Continue Reading →

letting go

she used to think that nothing would ever  make her look at a loved one and let them go regardless of the circumstances, she thought that there was always something to hold on to. One Saturday night she stood beside a hospital bed, looking at a man that she had loved all her life, she... Continue Reading →

Giving chances to the unknown.

One of the many reasons why we're always feeling nervous and unsure is the expectations we have set in our minds before we step into something we have never experienced before. There is that tiny voice at the back of your mind that keeps telling you how things are supposed to be, and when they... Continue Reading →

In your loving memory

You came to me on a silent sweet October night It had been the best night of my life Strong arms had held me close And a great warmth of joy sent me to sleep I lived the next day a changed person And even so I didn’t know you were given to me. I... Continue Reading →

Free your life

imagine you've had  a long and terrible day, and it's finally your chance of going home, you step out of the office joyful for once,and then it starts raining heavily, you don't even have a car even worse you don't even have an umbrella. Of course it rains on you, your day ends as badly... Continue Reading →

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